YOUR WILLING HEARTYou will learn how we extended the Thanksgiving season by cooking a second turkey with some of the fixin’s. Allie drove to the farm on Friday for the first time by her self. Saturday saw her testing her Black-Friday purchase of a GoPro camera with results posted on her FaceBook. We had her help on Sunday morning setting up audio at church then she was off to her church that evening where she is a member of the praise band. By Sunday afternoon the Mitchell’s had decorated their home for Christmas with too many trees to count. Monday evening had us at a basketball game with Savannah at EWA. Pray I figure out JoElla’s new camera so all the action shots of Savannah won’t be blurred. Also really pray for Victoria to have stamina. Finals week at Meredith. Enough said.

Special Guests: Mickey & Suzan Cartagena

Mickey & Suzan

Mickey & Suzan

How many times do we consider all the possibilities out there in ministry but discount the fact that we are able to minister to those we work and live with on a daily basis. We believe we have to be a super pastor or a missionary to a foreign country to count for God. But all God wants is our willing heart.

On this week’s podcast we interview Mickey and Suzan Cartagena who are missionaries most recently to Ecuador. They come and go which is totally different from the traditional model most of us learned. They show us that the possibilities are endless in our finding a way to serve the ones God loves.

It’s as simple as finding our identity in Christ then sharing it with others. Mickey and Suzan’s ministry is Christian Seeking Identity. Click here to see their website where you can request their periodic newsletter and find teachings in print or audio. You can also find a way to contact them.