Ways to Find Our Podcast

There are lots of ways to get to our podcast. I want to tell you about those plus I want to tell you how you can subscribe to the podcast and have it come to you.

RYL_banner2.jpgIf you are on our Subscribe? page you have probably been to our home page. You can bookmark our homepage to make it easy to find. Each time we release a new podcast it goes to the top of our home page. You’ll have the advantage of seeing the show notes there for each episode. You can check in periodically to find the new post then scroll down to see if there might be one you missed. FaceBook

You might have found us from FaceBook from a post there. Some of our listeners are looking for that post to alert them. When you click on the post it takes you to our home page.


Have Our Podcast Find You

badge_itunes-lrg-300x108But you don’t have to wait to see a post on FaceBook or go to the home page to know that there’s a new episode available. By clicking on the Download on iTunes icon in the sidebar on the itunes 1st grab ryl_Fotorright of any page you will be directed to the online iTunes page that describes the podcast and shows previous episodes. Or you can click here. You can even listen from there.

To subscribe, you will then click on “View in iTunes” under the Reclaiming Your Life square. That will launch the iTunes application on your computer.

In the application you will find the “Subscribe” button below. Click there to subscribe to the podcast.

tunes grab


Take Time to Review the Podcast

You’ll also find “Ratings and Reviews” to the right of Reclaiming Your Life square. Click there to leave a review. Your review allows the podcast to be seen by more people and will help us spread the Word.


2 Responses to Subscribe?

  1. Jude says:

    Dear show hosts,

    You two sound so sexy on the air.
    Just finished listening to your 004 episode and would like to post a question here:
    I have been doing what I thought was that ONE thing God has called me to do for about two years. Within these two years I had been promoted three times and the money has gotten better and better. I truly felt that I was created to do this job until recently my passion started to dwindle and I began to question whether this is really the ONE thing or not. Questions: 1. How do you stay passionate about what you do? 2. How to distinguish between God’s calling for you from your own? 3. If you have the talents and apply them nicely to your profession and have tremendous desire to do it, does that automatically make that profession your calling? Another words, just because you are good at doing something, does that make it that ONE thing?
    Not sure if my writing is making any sense. Feel like I’m just throwing words out there. Being a writer is probably or definitely not that ONE thing for me…

    • Kendall says:

      Thank you so much for the email. We really have been thinking about and praying about the questions you brought up. It has made us consider a lot of things that we had not thought about until we read the email from you.

      We are going to be recording our podcast on Friday and think your questions are ones that many people would have and want to address them there and help others in the process.

      Thanks again.

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