reinvent yourselfLast week we talked about life goals and New Year’s resolution and about how different they are and how writing down your goals is essential in seeing the come to pass. So, it’s a new year. It’s a time where we review our lives and start asking questions of ourselves. We’ve talked more than a few times about being able to be truthful with ourselves. So today we have some questions about our church life. We hear a lot of things about people and their church experience. So we just want to know what you think.

So here are a few of the questions discussed on today’s Podcast:

Do you enjoy going to church?

What do you like most about church?

Why do you go, and what is your motivation?

Have you ever thought about quitting church?

What would you do if you decided to quit going to church?

Would you feel guilty about not going to church?

How would you explain the fact that you’re no longer going to church to your children, your peers, your mom and dad?

And is that a huge deterrent in your choosing not to go to church?

What would your religious life look like if you didn’t go to church?

Would you still choose friends and acquaintances that have the same beliefs as you do?

Would it be a problem for you if you lost some of the friends that you had in church, would it make you sad?

And this is just a reminder but this exercise is to allow us to be truthful with ourselves. The question in all of this is to reveal in us our motivation for doing what we do. Why don’t we go to church every week? And how would we change our lives if we weren’t in church? We’re trying to find out who we are. We are all trying to reinvent ourselves – not according to the world’s standards but as the person He is revealing in us. And part of that spiritual longing in us is to bring our uniqueness and our gifts and callings to the place where we fellowship but also into the workplace and social settings.

And when we choose a church it needs to be in a church that teaches the Gospel. If you’re being taught anything but the gospel, that is, do more, be more, give more, spend more time at the church, then you’re probably not in a church that teaches the Gospel? What is the Gospel? It’s for the good news that Jesus Christ has redeemed us from having to perform a list of does and don’ts to gain our own salvation, but realizing that he’s already done all that for us. There is nothing we can add to it.

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