sure to find your markWelcome to this week’s podcast. We had a Great Christmas and a very quiet New Year celebration. We traveled a lot between where we live and Raleigh, Wake Forest and of course, Knightdale. It was all fun and sometimes entertaining, our son-in-law was in their church Christmas play. It was a great play that had the audience participating. What fun was had by all. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, oh yes, and Merry Christmas Adam to some of you, especially my family in Albuquerque.

Since we mentioned Happy New Year!, let’s talk about resolutions and goal setting – why not! Let’s use our energy to target and achieve something that God has put in our hearts.

What Kendall and I do sometimes is help you to think about yourself. We have some answers for us but the best thing we do is to throw out questions so you can decide for yourself. Some of the things we talk about you won’t hear anywhere else. But we think it’s important that you are truthful with yourself and make decisions for yourself. If you’re looking for a way to set goals you can Google goal setting or New Year’s Resolutions and go to your heart’s content.

The problem with New Year’s Resolutions is the pressure that people put on themselves and others to perform. And usually New Year’s resolutions are done on a whim. I mean about all the month of December I’m thinking- I’m going…  I need to think of a resolution…   what can I tell someone when they ask what my resolutions are? Whereas goals are usually extracted from a huge or ongoing desire to complete things that are in our hearts to make us move toward the calling that God’s given to us.

So many times New Year’s resolutions are really kind of flippant and or impractical and something that’s really not well thought out and may not be something that we will really be able to achieve. It’s just a dream that we would like to come true. And often New Year’s resolutions are result of having failed in a particular area and now we’re going to try to right a wrong using our own ‘strong’ will to achieve.

I heard about a person that decided in the fall that by the first of the year she was going to cut out sugar. So she started by limiting her soft drinks. So then each week she worked up to a place that when she arrived at January first she could say her New Year’s resolution was to quit sugar. So you see she set small achievable goals and then could make a New Year’s Resolution to totally quit sugar.

Sometimes there is some confusion about setting goals and New Year’s resolution. Like the example, one is under duress often times if it’s a New Year’s resolution to stop sugar after you’ve been bingeing over the holidays. But the other is a great strategy – stepping off from a point of strength having the resolve, and physically having the advantage of stabilized blood sugar — increasing the possibility of successfully quitting sugar.

So, we’ve separated the two, goal setting versus setting New Year Resolutions, and go on to talk more about setting goals. As you listen to the podcast we have numerous scriptures and talk about what they mean to us. One of the main things is to not give up!

A goal is just a whim if it’s not acted on persistently. If you give up you will never reach your goal. But, the goal that’s achievable really has to be a goal that’s well-thought-out and God breathed. And when we choose to go after a goal that is God-given then we find the strength to persevere and totally reach that goal. That’s His Grace.

Do you have any ideas for yourself? What can you do today? Maybe you could call a friend to encourage them. Write an email to someone or even write a letter and send it by USPS. Remember it’s the little things that matter to people. And people is what life is all about.

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