RYL011 – Love, the Key to Finding Your True Identity


his love for usIn today’s podcast we talk about the experience we had caroling for Christmas. It’s so easy to stop and take the time to do something for others. Not just in this season, we encourage you to reach out to others in a way that might seem to not hold much meaning to you but has potential to really bless others. You have the power to improve the lives you touch as you take time out of your daily business.

As promised, Mickey and Suzan Cartagena are back this week to talk about our identity in Christ and how we’re able to find it through God’s love. Until we can see ourselves as Christ sees us we can’t love ourselves nor other people.

It’s as simple as finding our identity in Christ then sharing it with others. Mickey and Suzan’s ministry is Christian Seeking Identity. Click here to see their website where you can request their periodic newsletter and find teachings in print or audio. You can also find a way to contact them.

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  1. Pat Aurilio says:

    What a way to end my day! As I have listened to this podcast I have truly been blessed. Again realizing how much God really loves me through Mickey and Susan’s sharing, I have been able to practice forgiveness tonight and extend love to another person.

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