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RECLAIMING YOUR LIFE is a show about LIVING. We all have some regrets in our past but there IS life after disappointment. And there IS life to be lived. This is THE show about getting back the life that we were designed to live. It’s the show about discovering the uniqueness of our purpose.

In the first episode of RECLAIMING YOUR LIFE we talk about being  a married couple with lots of life experiences. We have reacted to life by going the high road and we have traveled the low road. How do we “come out on top” when things don’t seem to turn around?

We have been to bible school and found some great relationships along the way. We found that most truths are NOT verbalized but lived out daily as you invest YOUR life in the lives of others. Besides it’s not about a bunch of rules, but realizing God’s love.

We live near our family and are blessed to be in the lives of our three beautiful granddaughters and of course, our daughter and son-and-law. We are REALLY proud grandparents but we hope to balance our obsession with our granddaughters  and not cover you up hearing about the wonders of our life around them.

We look forward to have you with us weekly as we interview guests, such as authors,  public figures and our most favorite people, regular joes. Topics will be about community, family matters and marriage, remarriage, children, divorce, abortion – BUT all with the emphasis on coming out of difficult situations with hope and a future.

8 Responses to About Us

  1. Ona Amali says:

    Hello guys,
    I’m getting to enjoy your inaugural podcast on Reclaiming your life all the way from Nigeria, I hope you don’t mind downloading a copy to my hard drive.
    I’m very encouraged by the zeal to share your experiences.
    I will keep an eye out for new episodes.

  2. Paul says:

    I like the idea for your podcast. I really think you need to tie in a facebook like pave so it’s easy to find you. Tony Robbins says success leaves clues. Check out entrepreneur on fire and solopreneur for some ideas. Also Russell Brunson book 108 split tests for great page ideas. It’s 10.00 and well worth the money. Looking forward to future posts.

    • Kendall says:

      Thanks Paul. I’m just getting everything set up. I decided to get set up in iTunes and all those things first then on to tweaking my site. I now have a place to get to our page on FB. It’s all a process and we’re in it for the long haul so I know we’ll get there. Thanks for the tips and your encouragement.

  3. Robert Simmons says:

    Kendall and JoElla,
    I subscribed to your podcast and enjoy it very much. It really has the “feel” of our visits together in the old days. I always thought that you have a gift of encouraging others and I’m happy that you’ve found a way to take it to a large number of people. Keep up the good work and thank you for the memories of our happy visits.

    • Kendall says:

      Hi Bob,
      Thanks so much for your kindness and support. I love, love, love it when we get together. Part of a larger vision for what we’re doing is having regional “meet ups” for those who listen and want to be a part. Pray that that might come to pass.

      I remember how I tormented you more than once while riding in your Mazda and pulling the emergency brake handle at inopportune time. JoElla just reminded me how terrible that was. I told her that’s what friends are for. Be blessed.

  4. Betty Reiser says:

    I finally got the sound to work on my IPad, so I am playing catch up! I love hearing your voices! It makes me feel like u r in my living room! I find your messages very uplifting! Love ya’ll

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