RECLAIMING YOUR LIFE is a show about LIVING. We all have some regrets in our past but there IS life after disappointment. And there IS life to be lived. This is THE show about getting back the life that we were designed to live. It’s the show about discovering the uniqueness of our purpose.

In the first episode of RECLAIMING YOUR LIFE we talk about being  a married couple with lots of life experiences. We have reacted to life by going the high road and we have traveled the low road. How do we “come out on top” when things don’t seem to turn around?

We have been to bible school and found some great relationships along the way. We found that most truths are NOT verbalized but lived out daily as you invest YOUR life in the lives of others. Besides it’s not about a bunch of rules, but realizing God’s love.

We live near our family and are blessed to be in the lives of our three beautiful granddaughters and of course, our daughter and son-and-law. We are REALLY proud grandparents but we hope to balance our obsession with our granddaughters  and not cover you up hearing about the wonders of our life around them.

We look forward to have you with us weekly as we interview guests, such as authors,  public figures and our most favorite people, regular joes. Topics will be about community, family matters and marriage, remarriage, children, divorce, abortion – BUT all with the emphasis on coming out of difficult situations with hope and a future.

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