thankful for youWe have had a great time with our family celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday and hope you have as well. As we think about the things we’re thankful for we think of you. In these few weeks we have had some great responses from you and have been so encouraged by your comments.  Today we shared some of those. Again, we are so thankful for our listeners.

Kendall talks about the miracle of Jesus’ feeding the multitudes in each of the Gospels, Matt 14:17, Mark 6:38, Luke 9:13, and John 6:9. Jesus says that we will do greater miracles than He did but the real story here is that thanksgiving preceded this miracle. Jesus looked at what the disciples had brought to feed the many people who has followed them, blessed what they had brought (John 6:11 says Jesus gave thanks) and instructed them to distribute the food to those waiting. The food was enough for the multitudes of people with baskets full of uneaten bread and fishes left over.

All the disciples were able to see was what they lacked. They had seen food multiplied one time before but still thought the answer was to find a greater supply of food. We sometimes only look at what is available, fail to see that Jesus has already provided for us, and don’t see that simple thanksgiving is the answer to receiving what we need.

Rick and Kathy Riso have a great song we want to share with you. It’s about thanksgiving. A Thankful Heart can be found on uTube.

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