Friends Forever RLNcom 400x400Earlier this week we recorded a podcast with our granddaughter Ally Mitchell who will be going to India in the spring for a mission trip. Be sure to see that post below. We also picked up sweet potatoes in the field to the south of the house that we’ll be sharing with friends and family. We’ve got lots of North Carolina sweet potatoes just in time for Thanksgiving.

And yesterday JoElla made a test batch of her awesome cornbread dressing. We had to go to the neighbors to fetch some cranberry sauce to go with the dressing and the splayed chicken that we baked. It was a yummy day for pre-holiday foods at the Kempfs.

This week we learn to manage the expectations we have of others, friends and acquaintances, by realizing how our relationships fall into different categories. We found we use the term ‘friend’ like we use ‘love’. “I love coffee with sugar and cream,” or “I just love the way your hair looks today.” And then we use it to say, “I love you from the bottom of my heart.” A friend can be a long time friend, an acquaintance or someone we just met. So with that loose usage we see how easy it is to confuse the relationship of a friend or acquaintance.

And if there’s confusion about who is a ‘friend’ there must be a similar confusion about our expectations of any of the relationships we have in our lives? We’ll break our relationships into four categories and talk about what expectations we might have in each category. We all move in and out of these different categories at different times in our lives and that changes needs and dependencies on those within each category. We do learn to manage our expectations of our relationships by realizing that everyone is not in the same category of relationships and most significantly, we learn the importance of love to each of those. That lessens our expectations. So we can find a way to be realistic about our expectations and always apply the rule of love to those around us, knowing that love doesn’t demand anything of each of our relationships. It’s by love that we can serve one another.

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