OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASunday after church we went to Scooters Grill & Bar to hear our friend Pete Terano and the Little Big Band play some old Rock & Roll favorites. We had a great time with friends and the food was great.

JoElla had lunch with Ally and dinner with Savannah. This weekend we get to add Victoria to the mix with all three for a sleepover. It’s a great time here in North Carolina.

Last week we talked about the “One Thing” reference from City Slickers the movie we follow us with some questions from Jude.

She writes:

Just finished listening to your 004 episode and would like to post a question here:

I have been doing what I thought was that ONE thing God has called me to do for about two years. Within these two years I had been promoted three times and the money has gotten better and better. I truly felt that I was created to do this job until recently my passion started to dwindle and I began to question whether this is really the ONE thing or not.


How do you stay passionate about what you do?

How do you distinguish between God’s calling for you and what might be your own?

If you have the talents and apply them nicely to your profession and have tremendous desire to do it, does that automatically make that profession your calling? In other words, just because you are good at doing something, does that make it that ONE thing?

So we invite you to listen to our responses. Just to let everyone know, we’re not counselors. We just hope that in this podcast God speaks to your heart. We have lots of experience but our hope is that we all learn to hear Holy Spirit for ourselves.

When we use the term “call on our lives” what does that mean? Is it just ONE thing. Is it a  CALL? Is it CALLINGS, plural? What is the “ONE THING”? There is ONE THING we know:

His pleasure comes from knowing that we find our one pleasure or purpose in Him. Our calling or callings may NOT be just “ONE THING”. After all, it’s not so much about who or what we become, anyway. Our purpose is being IN Him.