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We Love Autumn!

JoElla stated that Autumn is her favorite color. And Kendall asks, “Could it be?” It has cooled off here but that’s not the whole of why we love Autumn. It’s such a feast for the eyes. Here’s a pic of the mums that the Guy at the Food Lion gave JoElla last weekend.


Fall Says Mums.

Our friend got a job after looking for one for some time. She wanted one that would add to her life and be enjoyable. What an exciting time. We think of a job in so many different ways. We might think of how a job fits us but don’t consider the money. And at other times we only think of the money part of it. Sometimes we go to a job that we hate, all the time feeling unfulfilled. It’s just hard. We find the best job is the one that we get fulfillment from but the danger in that is having the job we like so well is that it might becomes our whole identity. So maybe the balance in all that is that our job might help define us but it doesn’t have to give us our self worth or be what we choose as our identity. We have to choose. Work is honorable and plugging into a fulfilling job is very wonderful. But it’s in God that we have our self worth. We have a purpose beyond what employment can provide.

Copyright: stockbroker / 123RF Stock PhotoWhat is within you to do in life that would really be fulfilling? What is that ONE thing that I would want to do? Would we want to be a short term missionary. That may be a stretch for some. It might be something so big that we couldn’t think of achieving it. But God can! Choose something only God could do. Every time we think of that ONE THING that God is wanting to do through us we would think of Jack Palance in City Slickers with Billy Crystal.

Go find who you are!

Our goal is to encourage people through our podcasts. Although our friend found her job some of you might still be waiting on something to come to pass. Who will encourage us? When we don’t have someone around us we always have the Lord through Jesus Christ.

Sometimes in our search we are rejected or we might have failed to reach a dream and feel like something is just keeping us from “our” dream. We fail to realize that no one is out to defeat us and God is not trying to teach us a lesson or punish us. It’s not the devil. The devil has been defeated. And the best thing is that God loves us. God doesn’t want to defeat us for ANY reason. We might have come against a simple closed door. Our response should be not to give up on our dream but to continue knocking on another door.

JoElla continued to talk to her friend who said she’s praying that God will be with her. Well, that made JoElla remember one of our teachers in Bible college. He told us to look down to our chests. He told us that we had asked Jesus into our hearts. And He’s still there because He said He would never leave us. He will be with us through anything we are doing or going through.

We know stuff comes against us. We will have tribulation. David in Psalms spent lots of time in caves with people chasing him wanting to kill him. Psalm 43 in the Message says it the best,”Why are you down in the dumps, dear soul? Why are you crying the blues? Fix my eyes on God— soon I’ll be praising again. He puts a smile on my face. He’s my God.”

So our job is to think of good news don’t always watch the bad news. Put your hope in Him lift our countenance and receive a message of hope in Him. To quote JoElla, “He changes the inside of us and it comes out on our face.”