Fall Photo from Diane in Indiana

We had a great week here in North Carolina including our church picnic on Saturday. You might remember autumn being our favorite time of the year. JoElla found another photo that tells the story of fall. Our dear friend Diane in Indiana took the photo near her home and allowed us to share it.

Sunday was a treat as we spent time with Arthur Meintjes. He spoke at our church in the morning and we got some sit-down time in the afternoon. He has agreed to do an interview with us after we get some technical things worked out on this end. His ministry is Kingdom Life Ministry.

Arthur 1

Arthur Meintjes – Kingdom Life Ministries

This week we go back to our rationale for choosing Reclaiming Your Life as a title/theme for our podcast. It’s really exciting to see how the inspiration came to our choices. God intervened in the process to bring some things out of our hearts that we were able to put into the format of our show. We had a definition for ‘reclaim’ but didn’t realize how well it fit our mission until JoElla revisited the word from a different source. We share how simple it is to reclaim our lives but how it may not always be easy.

Old ideas and ways have to be replaced with the Truth. That doesn’t mean we go to the scriptures and find a set of do’s and don’ts. We find out who we are, who we’re meant to be and how much God loves us, His creation. That’s the standard we set for ourselves. It doesn’t matter what we see in the mirror or what our history points out to us in a condemning way. We’re who He says we are. And that’s a result of our redemption and that has nothing to do with what we can contribute to our betterment. Having faith in that, or being fully convinced of who we are allows a heart change. Then our life circumstances can start to change.

Not GuiltyWe promised a link to a song we love that shows us clearly who we are in Christ and how God thinks of us. We’re refreshed every time we listen to it. Here you will find the story of how Aaron Keyes wrote the song. We hope you enjoy the song, You’re Not Guilty Anymore and hope this is a great week as you find your way to Reclaiming Your Life.