Welcome – Autumn is my favorite time of year! Around our area we have dogwoods turning a little red and then we have soybeans that are golden. We also have on one side of us sweet potatoes. They haven’t been harvested yet but we are looking forward to when they are.

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ABC had a great segment one day last week and it was all about Keith Newman, CEO of Residential Education at Wesleyan University. During the Chapel service he decided to act out a sermon he had heard.”Do for one what you would like to do for everyone”.

 First he made sure all the students and faculty had a card as they entered the room and then he ordered 2 pizzas. The Dominos delivery driver James Gilpin was the one that delivered those pizzas. The ticket was $12.50.  When he delivered the pizzas he was escorted on to the stage. The people, students and faculty had been told ”Do for one what you would like to do for everyone”.  The crowd went wild when he got on stage since they knew they had collected cash and gift cards for the tip which resulted in about $100 in gift cards and $1,248.68 in cash. Some that didn’t have any cash gave a gift a card they had and some were only able to give the note with an encouraging word to the delivery driver.  You see Newman asked faculty, staff and students what they would like to receive as a tip and act accordingly. But not to feel compelled to do so.

So many times we look around and see so many needs and often feel condemned because we can’t help all that are in need. We get overwhelmed, even paralyzed and don’t do anything. So what is it we can’t do for everyone but we can do for one person?

Gilpin said, “I thought it was very nice for an average Joe like me to get something like that.  They didn’t know me from Adam, and they just picked me out random and handed me the money. It was really nice.”

He plans to fix some things around the house, fix his car and start shopping for Christmas for his 5 and 6 year olds.

What a great lesson!

Gilpin never supposed he would have experienced what he did at that chapel service. It was no accident that he was chosen. And those who poured their love out on him found the lesson for that day was so much more than academic. They were able to define who they were by realizing WHOSE they were.

Our life DOES have meaning when we say there is none. We do have purpose. We have an identity even if we haven’t discovered it yet.

300 BC – Aratus writes “in Him we live and breathe and have our being” Essentially he states, “we are, to be sure the offspring of God Himself”

Our full definition is to be found in Him. WE LIVE – BREATHE – HAVE OUR BEING – IN HIM. Paul,in Acts 17 reminds a gathering of Greek philosophers that the God their poets sought was always near us. He’s in us.

We don’t have to believe it because it’s in the Bible or a greek philosopher said it – but doesn’t it ring true in our hearts? Even as we consider it, don’t we know we’re part of something bigger than all of us?

We came from the intentional and calculated, loving desire of God. And even nature teaches us there are no duplicates of us. Even identical twins differ. We’re unique and in Him we have a one of a kind purpose.

Being alive is what all the students and faculty experienced as they gave to the pizza delivery man. For the rest of their lives they will on occasion think and experience this and tell the story about it. Finding a place like that to plug into – people to share our lives with, sharing our resources with – that’s living. That’s life. We encourage you to JUST LIVE.