This Week in Our Lives

Track meet — Savannah “runs like the wind”

Breakfast burritos – we announced the podcast to our family except the college student

Then Saturday evening dinner – Victoria didn’t get to go with us early in the day – we told her about the podcast – NOW ALL THE FAMILY KNOWS. College life is busy this week with her play Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure

Birth MONTH for Ally – Lunch on Wednesday for her birthday with Savannah

Saturday for the real birthday party – A BONFIRE!


How Did We Get to Podcast Land

We asked ourselves the same question and found it hard to remember. The last 6 weeks were such a blur. So we remind ourselves how we got here and let you in on the story.

We try too hard to fill others expectations for us and come to a place we have to break out and move toward what we see as our purpose. We prayed and God has shown us a way to express what He has put inside us. So we planned to do a night-at-the-coffee-shop discussion group and wanted to support it with information on a website. That’s where we found and the encouragement to blog and create an online platform for people who need more information about us. Continuing our research, we found Cliff Ravanscraft at and started learning about the viability of podcasting as an effective vehicle. We were hooked on how we might be able to encourage others by our failures and successes.

In a month-long class we found the tools we needed to create a quality sounding show that we are sharing with you now. We could have done it by fumbling around the web looking for how-to answers but chose the class with Cliff. As intense as the entire month was I am still glad we chose to do his class. It may have shortened the time it took to get on line by as much as 3 or 4 months.


Our Studio on a Folding Table

The Importance of Goals in Your Life

We have failed dismally setting goals for our lives, except for New Year’s Day every year or so. And although we may have set them, we rarely wrote them and certainly didn’t follow through.

So we found a great primer about goal setting on It was tremendous help starting our podcast. In a few words here’s are the 5 principles he follows setting goals for himself:

1)  Keep Them Few in Number

2)  Make Them “SMART”





Time Bound

3)  Write Them Down

4)  Review Them Frequently

5)  Share Them Selectively

You’ll find more details here.

Why Didn’t We Tell Anyone?

Michael Hyatt had an article talking about how if you share your goal with others even though they love you and want the best for you your goal is less likely to be accomplished. When you share your goal you get the gratification and sometimes that is all you need. Then you don’t even care if you follow through. Your mind tricks you into thinking the work that has to be done to accomplish your goal has already been done so you are less motivated.  We decided to try out this method. Wow! It was really hard and sometimes we wanted to share it but we both knew we could not. Part of the reason it became easy was we would need to explain what a podcast is to many people and that would take time and energy. We just knew this was the way to go and it really became fun and exciting as we worked our “plan”. We needed to surround ourselves with people that could help us achieve our goal so that is when we knew the PODCAST ANSWERMAN was the person. Cliff and our classmates were so good about helping us and giving us not only the information needed but lots of encouragement along the way. So you see there were lots of people that did know but they were the right people!!

Topics Covered In This Episode:

Our wonderful week with our granddaughters (00:47)

The last six weeks and how we got to podcast land (03:54)

The importance of setting goals for your life (12:21)

Why we didn’t tell anyone about our goal (19:12)